CloudShot 5.7


CloudShot is a small and simple screen capture (and GIF recording) tool which can immediately upload your images to Dropbox, Imgur, Google Drive and OneDrive, making it easy to share them online.

Once installed, using the program is as simple as pressing PrtSc. You can then click in a window to capture its contents, or capture any rectangular region you like. And by default the image is saved as a PNG file, and opened immediately in your default image editor.

CloudShot can easily be reconfigured to suit your needs, though. Open the Settings dialog and you can change the program's hotkey; prevent it opening each grab; have it start with Windows (or not), or set its default save format to JPG.

The really interesting option here is the ability to save images to cloud storage accounts, including Dropbox. Once you've set this up, pressing PrtSc and clicking in a window will automatically save the grab, upload it to your account, and copy the URL into your clipboard. If you need to share it with someone else, just paste it into an email, forum post, instant message or anything similar, and they'll be able to view it right away

And in a welcome bonus feature, the program even maintains a history of your last 4 grabs. Right-click its system tray icon, select Recent Shots, and you'll see thumbnail previews of each grab: just click one to open it in your image editor.

What's new? (Changelog)

- New autoupdate system called Squirell. Same technology is used for Slack and other top-notch IT software
- Improved OAuth2 implementation. Sounds nerdy but as result now we have Google Drive and OneDrive storages. Drobox and Imgur plugins works better as well
- Now portable version is truly portable
- Settings window is redesigned
- Usage analytic added. It's 100% safe and anonymous, and will help us a lot to understand user needs. But if you don't like this idea, you can always turn it off in settings.