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EssentialPIM for Android 4.2.4

Access your EssentialPIM data on the go using your Android device

by Nick Peers

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Based on 0 ratings
License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Android

Android 2.2 or later

Languages: English
Software Cost: Free
Date Updated: 11 September 2016
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Downloads To Date: 487
Developer: Astonsoft Ltd
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EssentialPIM for Android
See what’s coming up in your life with the help of EssentialPIM.

Both at home and in the office, we all have a great deal of information that needs organising. From contacts to appointments, EssentialPIM is a powerful personal information manager that makes it easy to keep on top of an ever-growing amount of information. The ability to store all of your email, addresses, lists and notes in one place makes the program a one stop shop for your organisational needs.

Thing is, you can’t always lug your computer around with you, so – perhaps mindful of this – Astonsoft has developed mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. The Android version lets you access – and update – your contacts, notes, calendar, to-do list and passwords, with contacts being synchronized with the native app on your mobile.

In almost every way, the Android app is superior to its iOS counterpart: the interface is better developed, and closely resembles the desktop version to boost familiarity using it. Sadly, despite an ever-growing list of supported cloud providers, syncing quickly and seamlessly via the cloud requires you purchase EssentialPIM Pro 5.5; free users are left with the slightly clunky PC sync version – it’s wireless, but a little fiddly to set up and only works when EssentialPIM is running on your PC.

As apps goes, it does the job, which is critical. It’s a shame the screen is only formatted for mobiles, but problems syncing data appear to have been resolved on the whole, so long as you update the desktop version to 5.x.


5,526 total
5 3,300
4 1,595
3 325
2 145
1 161


All Devices

All Devices
LGE Nexus 5X
Samsung GT-I9300
TiantianVM TiantianVM
Samsung GT-I9500
Samsung GT-P5200
Samsung SAMSUNG-SM-N900A
Samsung EK-GC100

All Versions

All Versions
Latest Version

Galaxy S3 User Pretty good. Every now and then problems with sync. It never works across 2 wireless devices, one has to be wired.
Glenn Lehman
Essential fan Fantastic app and it keeps getting better.
Mayur Gaikwad
I love it Really help me lot. Thanks a ton.
Have it on both laptops Love it now trying to sync
Yanis Odysseus
Εξαιρετικό I never had any issues with this app.
Best PIM by far I've used the PC version for years and I hardly need to touch other apps. Now sync seems to work reliably with Android I can be truly portable. EPIM also imports and exports to a huge range of apps and services. Brilliant!

User reviews

7 September 2016
Galaxy S3 User Pretty good. Every now and then problems with sync. It never works across 2 wireless devices, one has to be wired.
Full Review
Glenn Lehman 10 September 2016
Essential fan Fantastic app and it keeps getting better.
Full Review
Mayur Gaikwad 7 September 2016
I love it Really help me lot. Thanks a ton.
Full Review
8 September 2016
Have it on both laptops Love it now trying to sync
Full Review
Yanis Odysseus 10 September 2016
Εξαιρετικό I never had any issues with this app.
Full Review
28 August 2016
Best PIM by far I've used the PC version for years and I hardly need to touch other apps. Now sync seems to work reliably with Android I can be truly portable. EPIM also imports and exports to a huge range of apps and services. Brilliant!
Full Review
Ralph McCrum 7 September 2016
Is a Cool App, And Great Data Keeper
Full Review
Astonsoft Ltd. 23 March 2016
You can always answer No and none of your data will be synchronized with Google services. Thanks!
Johnetta Maccalla 30 August 2016
I can't load data from essential pro from my pc.
Full Review
Astonsoft Ltd. 31 August 2016
Please contact our customer support (tap on Menu->Settings->About, Send feedback), we will help you to set synchronization with Win EssentialPIM up.
David Payne 2 September 2016
Nice App Works well links with calendar nicely. Keeps me up to date with my life. Would recommend strongly...
Full Review
Rajesh Deshpande 7 September 2016
Great App Excellent PIM app. Synching nicely with PC version. Highly recommended.
Full Review
John Chapman 1 September 2016
Great software on the way to fully replacing LOTUS Organizer.
Full Review
Rikki Williams 4 September 2016
Great app Orders up what i need
Full Review
27 August 2016
Full Review
David Garnet-Thomas 25 August 2016
Best PIM by miles! I have spent years looking at PIMs and believe I have covered them all. Essential PIM represents thoughtful improvement over the years with an easy to understand interface providing a multitude of features designed to cater for the needs of a wide range of users. My only problem with it is in synching tasks. The desktop version has more priority and repeat options than the Android which can lead to some annoying and frustrating results. My tip is not to sync tasks if you generally use the desktop version.
Full Review
Peter Galgut 20 August 2016
Very disappointed No way to import or read my epim database copied on to my new phone from before. I know I can achieve this via the cloud using the pro version (which I have got) but I don't want to do this.
Full Review
Astonsoft Ltd. 22 August 2016
You can also get your data onto a new phone via synchronization with Win EPIM. And we're working on a universal export/import feature.
Nev George 21 August 2016
I've been using the free version for a number of years now and over that time it has improved vastly. I use it on my iPhone and Android device with a bought copy on my Windows laptop. Because it's for business use it have to sync it daily and have no problems syncing cross platform. Excellent product.
Full Review
Marcin Bober 15 August 2016
Its good. But could be more like PC version especially color categories for To-Do, Custom fielads, Passwords in groups etc Six months later and everything its here now!!! Big thanks devs 5*
Full Review
Astonsoft Ltd. 18 February 2016
Your suggestion is noted, thanks!
D Pereira 20 August 2016
EPIM Excellent app. Easy to use and covers all you need in a password & PIM. Would have given it 5 stars but too pricey for the pro version! Maybe they should do an occasional Black Friday sale to promote it!
Full Review
Astonsoft Ltd. 18 April 2014
Just in case - there's the Free desktop version, as well. Thanks!
16 August 2016
Slow load Would love to love this app, but 36 seconds to open my contacts on a S3 is way to long even with 2.5k entries.
Full Review
Astonsoft Ltd. 17 August 2016
Thanks for the info, will try to address this in the next major update.
salmedo Henderson 24 August 2016
Powerful Productivity ! 5 stars is what this app receives from me. The desktop version is already in my opinion the standard in a business related resource. Now the mobile version puts me in a position to do business on the go. I will definitely tell my business friends that this app is essential for proficient productivity. Thanks for raising the standard!
Full Review
Mervan Agovic 25 August 2016
Swiss Army Knife of PIM Tried so many different apps, but this one is a keeper!
Full Review
Mohammed Aly Badawy 18 August 2016
Stopped I can not run the last version on my lenovo a 536, why?
Full Review
Astonsoft Ltd. 22 August 2016
Is there an error message? If yes, please send the report to us. Thanks!
24 August 2016
Excellent Does everything I want it to do. I liked it so much, I got it for my PC as well.
Full Review
George Shaw 19 August 2016
Gives more than just calendar and does not require internet to check info. Good
Full Review
Jerry W 25 August 2016
Does what I need.
Full Review
21 August 2016
Awesome Love all the great features and stability.
Full Review
Carl Elmore 23 August 2016
Essential PIM Great program.
Full Review
Abraham Guerrero 10 August 2016
Needs more polish Has the potential to outdo other GTD style apps and eliminate the need for a bunch of separate battery hogging apps, however, needs more granular control of your data. For example, the password sync does not have the option for selective sync. Also, the Dropbox support seems kind of pointless since it can't be used for private syncing.
Full Review
13 August 2016
It gets job done and its the only information manager I use.
Full Review
Dao Fo 11 August 2016
Good I like it.
Full Review
Noble Darkmoon 6 August 2016
This is an excellent program used in conjunction with the professional version. Things such as tables in the note section on PC version do not transfer well onto android version.
Full Review
Astonsoft Ltd. 7 August 2016
Ability to work with rich text in notes will be added in the next 4.3 version of the app.
Changs Tab A 7 August 2016
So and so when compare to pc version Note not support image, dun expect hand writing, drafting, diagram, screenshot etc.. prefer google keeps and planner over than this.
Full Review
Michael Costanzo 10 August 2016
Been using on desktop for ages have synt with my mobile very pleased
Full Review
ivica fanjek 6 August 2016
Great app All on one place .hjt top
Full Review
Chief Inspector Shine 6 August 2016
Essential PIM Handy organizer
Full Review
Wieslaw Ciezak 3 August 2016
Great everyday tool
Full Review
Carly Overmars 16 May 2016
I have been using EssentialPIM for a while now and I absolutely loved the app. The option to sync my agenda across all devices I use is very useful and this didn't cause any problems at all. However, after the last update there are a lot of bugs. When I adjust repeating appointments sometimes all of my appointments turn into that appointment or within a split second i have multiple replications at different times and days of the week. Luckily the syncing option has now saved my agenda, but I hope it can be fixed in the near future.
Full Review
Rick Wagner 24 May 2016
Years of Use I started out with the do-all EPIM desktop years ago and have always loved it. Whatever changes I would like to see are either minor or are in the works. With no computer at this time I'm so happy that I can get an Android version.
Full Review
Tudor Idvoreanu 3 May 2016
Best PIM ever Bravo: I am using it for years (and I swear, when my financial situation will improve, I will buy the professional version - I don't need it, but just to give you some money for your efforts), on my PC, Huawey 120s, Allview E3 Living, Samsung I5500 mobile phones and it works flawlessly and easy to use. Keep up with the good work!!!
Full Review
Paul Langford 30 May 2016
Extremely easy and helpful Excellent system, helps to keep me organised, as I have organisational skill problems. Being able to sync with my mobile to pc and back again, I don't have to worry about having to look at different diaries etc all the time
Full Review
Review deleted

What's New

- You can now copy notes directly from the password preview window
- No more duplicate reminders for the recurring appointments
- Fixed removal of the contact groups
- Hierarchical structure now being correctly shown for the completed items on the Tasks widget
- Other minor bug fixes

A good first stab at extending EssentialPIM support to the mobile platform, but there’s still plenty of room for improvement.

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