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Reflector 1.3.4

Using AirPlay mirroring to view your iOS device on your PC or Mac

by Bob Thornton

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License: Trial Software
Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP
Languages: English
Software Cost: $14.99 (Windows) $14.99 (Mac)
Date Updated: 20 May 2014
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Downloads To Date: 14025
Developer: AirParrot
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View your iOS devices on your Mac's display

When it comes to AirPlay mirroring, there is an understandable trend towards streaming display out from one device to one with a larger screen, such as from your iPad to your Mac, or from your Mac to your TV. Reflection tasks entirely the opposite approach, making it possible to AirPlay mirror the display of your iPhone or iPad to your Mac (and now your PC!).

As this is counter to most people’s view of how AirPlay mirroring should be used, it is perhaps worth looking at a copy of potential uses for the app. The first scenario sees the app being uses to make iOS demonstrations on a Mac. Whether this is to show how a new piece of software works or to play a presentation stored on an iPhone or iPad, this is a great alternative to working out how to hook up your iOS device to an projector or screen.

The most likely use for the app, however, is to play iOS games on a larger screen. With just a few moments of configuration you could be playing your favorite games on a much larger screen. You can choose between working in full screen or windowed mode, and you can also open to have an iPhone or iPad wrapper adorning your iOS app window. With the ability to force the app to run in portrait or landscape mode, it can be easily set up to work with just about any app you can think of.

If this app is something that appeals, you will need to be using an iPhone 4S or an iPad 2, and running a Mac with OS X 10.6 or later installed. The somewhat quirky nature of the app means that the asking price could be viewed as being a little on the high side, but if after testing out the trial version it seems like something you could get some mileage out of, it is not so expensive as to seem extravagant.

Note that Reflection now supports Windows computers.

Reflection 1.3.4 (for Windows) brings these changes:

- Reflector now has a fully-functional, seven day trial (with subtle watermark)
- Added a new first-launch splash screen and registration window
- Recording is now fully supported on Windows 8
- Supported iOS devices mirror at 1080p when "Optimize For" is set to Hi-Res
- Added option to use a computer's MAC address as the Bonjour Device ID
- Added option to allow Reflector to prevent system shutdown during active mirroring connection
- Reflector now properly remembers the "Show Device Frame" option between launches
- Reflector now encrypts the AirPlay password in the configuration file
- Reflector now disables the screensaver while an active mirroring session is connected
- Resolved an issue during recording that caused the audio and video to become unsynced
- Resolved an issue that caused domain deployment registry entries to become unreadable by Reflector
- Resolved an issue that permanently hid the Task Bar when Reflector closes while in full-screen mode
- Resolved an issue that could prevent YouTube videos from streaming properly
- Resolved a crash when saving a recording in "Optimize For iPhone 5" mode
- Resolved a crash when pasting a license key in the registration window
- Resolved a hang when two or more devices disconnect simultaneously


 Something of a curiosity, Reflection isn’t an app for everyone, but it still has its place and is an interesting use of technology

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