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CCEnhancer 4.5.7

Give CCleaner the information it needs to clean up after even more applications

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Vista
Shane Gowland
Software Cost:
System & Desktop Tools
Date Updated:
18 February 2021
Downloads To Date:
English, Bulgarian, French, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Download Size:
205.00 KB

CCleaner is a powerful tool for locating and removing leftover files that might be cluttering up your hard drive. But CCleaner Enhancer (now CCEnhancer) makes it better still by adding support for more than 270 applications to the program, which means it'll now free up even more valuable hard drive space.

The program is a tiny 269KB, and doesn't require any installation. Simply download the file, save it somewhere convenient, then (if you have Windows Vista or 7) right-click it and select Run As Administrator. Close CCleaner if it's running, click Download Latest, and the latest rules will be downloaded and installed.

If you're using the portable version of CCleaner then this probably won't work, as CCleaner Enhancer won't be able to detect the program's location. Click Extra > Install for Portable CCleaner instead, select the folder containing the CCleaner executable, and the new rules will be added.

These extra application definitions should work just as well as those installed by default, but if you have any problems then they're easy to remove. Launch CCleaner Enhancer, click Extra > Delete Custom Rules and any changes made to CCleaner's configuration will be reversed.

Note that CCleaner Enhancer is now called CCEnhancer, for legal reasons.

Version 4.5.6 brings:

- This is a minor release that fixes the “Trim winapp2.ini” function that we accidentally broke with 4.5.5


CCleaner Enhancer is a simple way to make CCleaner even more effective at removing junk files from your hard drive

Your Comments & Opinion

Cool add-on, but use with caution
14 January 2014 17:58, Jon
I too am using this tool.
To get the best out of both combined softwares, simply remember: after you have updated CCleaner to the latest version, always delete the CCEnhancer rules and download them again to find some additions to an already consequent library and limit the search for long erased softs.
Also be careful to prevent Installation Files deletion (Dell, Asus...), those can be a pain to get back if a reinstall is required.
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