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COMODO Internet Security 2019 adds Secure Shopping, manual unblocking features

24 April 2019, Nick Peers

Comodo has unveiled its 2019 security line-up with the release of Comodo Internet Security 2019 Free, Pro and Premium. Also released are Comodo Antivirus Free 2019 and Comodo Firewall Free 2019 .

All editions are compatible with PCs running Windows 7 or later, but the new release debuts a brand new component exclusive to the full Internet Security Suite: Secure Shopping, a sandboxed environment inside which applications can be run invisible to – and beyond the reach of – malware.

As its name implies, Secure Shopping is primarily designed to provide hardened security when shopping online or performing other financial transactions.

Comodo’s new Secure Shopping feature lets you browse securely inside a sandboxed virtual container.

When users launch Secure Shopping from the main Internet Security window, it launches a secure container like a virtual machine, inside which users can run any installed web browser in a full-screen window, completely cut-off from their main Windows machine.

This means sensitive tasks can be performed and data read without risk of interception from keyloggers, screen-capture tools or other malware.

The feature is also capable of warning users if remote connections are in progress and can also detect fake SSL certificates to block man-in-the-middle attacks.

Despite the name, Secure Shopping can be used to run any application inside the virtual container, allowing users to perform other sensitive tasks, from reading email to performing FTP or accessing cloud servers, too.

The new build also debuts an Unblock Applications feature for freeing up programs that have been blocked by security software. Also added is a new streamlined installation process by unveiling web installers, which automatically download the latest version of Comodo Internet Security during installation.

Comodo Internet Security 2019 is available as a free download for PCs running Windows 7 or later. It’s fully functional, but users will see prompts to upgrade to the Premium version. Also available are Comodo Antivirus Free 2019 and Comodo Firewall Free 2019.

Pro users get a $500 virus-free guarantee along with unlimited access to live virus removal services and product support. Premium users gain Pro features plus 50GB online storage and backup, plus 10GB TrustConnect Wi-Fi Security.

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