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Get the Windows 10 Creators Update right now

06 April 2017, Mike Williams

Windows 10 Creators UpdateWindows 10 Creators Update, a major and feature-packed update for the OS, starts its official rollout on April 11th.

New features include a Paint 3D app and new “mixed reality” VR support; Game Mode to boost performance for demanding games, and built-in game broadcasting; and the Windows Defender Security Center gives one-stop access to your key security settings.

Windows Hello can now remotely lock your PC whenever a paired device – a smartphone, fitness band, anything you can pair with your computer- moves out of range.

Microsoft Edge has been enhanced with more tab management abilities, EPUB support, Jump Lists, WebVR and more.

The Mini View feature keeps a compact view of an application window on top of others, handy for videos or any dynamically-updated information you need to monitor.


Can’t wait for the ability to create rubbish 3D objects? Microsoft can help!

A Night Light feature acts like f.lux and other freeware apps, reducing the blue light from your screen to help you sleep better.

Although the official release is imminent, previous experience suggests it can take a while before some PCs get the update. If you’re impatient Microsoft’s Upgrade Assistant can help you install it right now.

There’s no complexity to the Assistant, nothing new to learn. It’s just a wizard which downloads and installs the update, while you mostly read the instructions and keep hitting “Next”.

Whether it’s wise to be an early adopter isn’t so clear. Creators Update has had plenty of testing and shouldn’t cause any major issues, but there are no guarantees. It makes sense to back up your system before you start.

It’s also worth remembering that even minor issues could be more trouble than usual. If the upgrade prevents a program you use from working as normal, you’re unlikely to get any help until the developer and maybe other users have installed the latest update for themselves.

On the plus side, the Upgrade Assistant at least allows you to decide exactly when you update, a major advantage which might justify the download all on its own.

The Windows 10 Creators edition of the Upgrade Assistant is available for Windows 10.

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