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Clip Angel is a versatile clipboard manager

28 March 2017, Mike Williams

Clip AngelClip Angel is a capable Windows clipboard manager which comes packed with interesting tools and features.

The program looks much like any clipboard manager. Leave Clip Angel visible while you copy items to the clipboard and you’ll see them added to its history.

There’s more happening in the background than you’ll immediately see. The program supports multiple formats – text, HTML, RTF, files, images – and maintains details about where these clipboard items came from.

For example, if you copy some text from a web page, Clip Angel saves and displays the source URL as well. That’s a very handy extra which enables using the program as a simple web research tool.

More generally, every item in your clipboard history has an icon. Sometimes this only represents the item format, but often you’ll see the icon of the source application, perhaps helping you find a series of clips.

Clip Angel

Save clipboard text, images, HMTL and more for easy recall later

There are many ways to rework your clipboard history. You can delete items, rename them, move them up or down the list, mark some as favourites, or filter them by type (“show only images”).

It’s possible to edit the text of individual clipboard items, a simple way to ensure favourite items include exactly what you need.

Pasting something from the list can be as easy as double-clicking it. Clip Angel automatically minimises and the item is pasted into your underlying application.

Right-click options enable pasting items as they are, or as plain text, losing any formatting.

There’s an option to enter text by simulating keypresses, which might enable clipboard text to be entered even in software which doesn’t support paste operations.

An “upload image to web” feature uploads an image clip to and places its link in your clipboard, ready for sharing with others.

The clipboard history is persistent, reloaded when you next launch the application, and even this feature delivers more than you’d expect. Your data is saved in an encrypted SQLite-based database, ensuring snoopers can’t easily see what you’ve been doing.

There’s work to do on refining the interface, and giving the user the ability to manage lists (save and reload lists as separate sessions). But Clip Angel is already a powerful tool, and development is so rapid right now that we’re sure there’s plenty more on the way.

Clip Angel is a free tool for Windows 7 and later.

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