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CSearcher is a fast, portable desktop search tool

11 January 2017, Mike Williams

CSearcherCSearcher is a speedy portable search tool with a wide range of search options and features.

Basic operations are simple and straightforward. Type all or part of the file or folder names to search (this is plain text, not regular expressions), specify a starting folder, press Enter and wait for the results. That won’t take long– it’s super-fast.

You can easily extend this by typing multiple search patterns (*.jpg;*.png). Common searches can be saved as a preset, and the “Add” button displays a list of built-in examples: movies, music, images, Office documents, junk files and more.

Optional date filtering enables searching for files created, modified or accessed within a defined period. These dates default to 1-1-2009 00:00, probably because the developer forget to set them to something more sensible, but fortunately the calendar control allows setting them to “today” with a click.


There are plenty of ways to refine your search and filter the results

You’re also able to search for files within a given size range, or containing specified text, and the results can be filtered in some unusual ways, including removing duplicates.

CSearcher’s handling of search results is another highlight. As well as the usual “double-click to open”, you can open the file location in Explorer or at the command line, examine the file in a simple hex viewer, calculate an MD5 hash, export the results as CSV or HTML, and more.

CSearcher can optionally integrate with Explorer, too, making most of these features available from any folder with a couple of clicks.

CSearcher is available for Windows 7 and later.

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