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Registry Finder gets regular expression support

13 December 2016, Mike Williams

Registry FinderFreeware Registry editor and search tool Registry Finder has been updated with regular expression support.

You’re now able to use regex in both the Find and Replace dialog. Just check “Use regular expressions” and go to work.

Carefully crafted regular expressions give you very fine control over your searches. Instead of just looking for exact keyword matches, you’re able to search for custom text patterns which drill down to the type of element you need.

For example, using Registry Finder to search for the regular expression  \w+?@\w+?\x2E.+  will return any email address-like text stored in the Registry, even if it’s embedded within other text. This is a short and very imprecise example, and there will be plenty of not-quite matches as well, but it’s a simple start and you can ramp up the expression’s complexity and accuracy later.

Registry Finder

There are new “regular expression” options in both the Find and Replace dialogs

You could also use regex to search the Registry for IP addresses, URLs, phone numbers, dates, times and more. Libraries like RegExLib have hundreds of examples to get you started.

Other Registry Finder tweaks this time include the ability to search items that do not include the search string.

The Replace command now replaces every occurrence of a substring in a key or value, not just the first one.

Double-clicking the tab bar now opens a new tab with its own independent view of your Registry, which feels like a faster and more natural way to work.

Registry Finder is a freeware tool for Windows XP and later.

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