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Wise Program Uninstaller 1.97 removes Windows 10 Universal Apps

19 October 2016, Mike Williams

Wise Program UninstallerFree cleanup tool Wise Program Uninstaller has been updated to version 1.97 with new support for removing Windows 10 Universal Apps.

It’s easy to use. The interface now lists apps along with your desktop applications, and to remove one you just select it and hit “Safe Uninstall”.

What you don’t get here is any filtering beyond the app name. There’s no way to list all your apps as a group, or multi-select apps and remove them all at once.

Wise Program Uninstaller only uses very standard removal techniques, too, so can’t uninstall the more deeply-embedded apps. It’ll display apps like Cortana in the list, but clicking “Safe Uninstall” just gives you an “Operation failed” message.

Wise Program Uninstaller

Wise Program Uninstaller removes regular apps without problems, but it can’t get rid of system components like Cortana

Overall there’s nothing too advanced here, and you may be able to do something similar with programs you have already. If you have CCleaner, for example, clicking Tools > Uninstall displays a list of desktop applications and apps which you can remove in a couple of clicks.

Still, Wise Program Uninstaller does provide a simple way to remove individual apps, and it’s also portable and no-strings free. If you’re already using the program, or only need the uninstall basics, it might be useful.

Wise Program Uninstaller is a free application for Windows XP and later.

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