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Launch programs, websites, or type text with Clavier+

24 July 2016, Mike Williams

Clavier+Clavier+ is a simple macro manager which enables launching programs, opening websites or inserting text with your chosen hotkey.

The program has been around for years, but still works well on even the very latest PCs.

Installation is quick and easy, no real surprise as the entire program folder used only 1.24MB of our hard drive (and 1.13MB of that was the uninstaller).

On launch a simple console lists some example shortcuts. Pressing Win+P opens the Program Files folder, Win+N launches Notepad, Win+Shift+E inserts the Euro symbol € into the current document, and so on.

One minor annoyance is you can’t use any of these shortcuts while the Clavier+ window is displayed, but once it’s closed they all work just as you’d expect.


Clavier+ is easy to use, but surprisingly powerful considering it’s a tiny 99KB EXE

Creating your own shortcuts is easier than you might expect. Click Add > Programs, for instance, and you’re not forced to browse through your file system to find an executable, although that’s an option. Clavier+ displays a Start Menu-like view of your applications and you just select whatever you need.

Similarly, you’re able to specify a website from your Internet Explorer Favourites, or choose a special symbol to type.

The program’s keyboard macro side isn’t restricted to single special characters. You can also enter commonly-used text snippets like names or email addresses and assign them to particular keys.

There are a few basic scripting-type features. The program can simulate keypresses or mouse clicks, spin the mouse wheel, detect window focus, launch multiple programs, pause for a defined period, copy text to the clipboard, and a little more.

Do you really need Clavier+? It depends on your requirements. If you just want to open programs or folders with a hotkey, that can be done without installing any extra software at all. (Right-click a shortcut, click Properties > Shortcut and check the Shortcut Key box.)

Despite that, the program does make the process a little easier, and if you’ll also use the text entry feature and (maybe) scripting tools then it’s likely to save you some time.

Clavier+ is a free application for Windows 2000 and later.

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