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Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer 9 released

21 June 2016, Mike Williams

Colasoft Capsa FreeColasoft has shipped Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer 9, the latest build of its comprehensive network analyzer.

The new release brings Process View and Process Explorer tools, allowing users to quickly find and browse the network conversations for individual processes.

Interface and performance improvements enable faster displays of traffic and switching between views, even when handling a large volume of data.

The package has updated versions of Colasoft MAC Scanner, Ping Tool, Packet Player and Packet Builder, with optimized interfaces and improved accuracy.

As previously, Colasoft Capsa Free has a lot of limitations. It can’t monitor wireless network devices, runs captures for a maximum of 4 hours, only analyzes up to 10 private IP addresses, can’t save or print reports, and more.

Colasoft Capsa

Browse a plain text view of your network conversations, or drill down to raw packets

Despite that, there’s more than enough functionality left to justify the download, and despite the enterprise audience it’s all very easy to use.

To try out the Process Analysis view, for instance, just select it, click Start, run whatever programs or actions you’d like to monitor, and press Stop.

Capsa Free displays the results immediately in its Node Explorer tree, and you’re able to browse individual network traffic by process, protocol, MAC address, IP address and more.

As an example, we collected our email during logging. Afterwards, drilling down through Protocol Explorer > Ethernet II > IP > TCP > POP3 displayed the individual conversations. Selecting any of these gave us the raw packets, and a Data Flow tab with the plain text details, including individual account user names and passwords.

Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer 9 is available now for 64-bit editions of Windows Vista and later.

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