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Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac released

10 June 2016, Mike Williams

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for MacParagon Software Group has shipped Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac ($39.95), the first OS X version of its popular Windows backup and partition management suite.

A powerful backup module protects all or selected partitions, Windows or OS X, while sector-level imaging and an incremental backup option ensures maximum performance.

Backup images may be mounted as virtual drives for easy browsing and recovery of selected files, or you can restore everything from the program, or via a bootable USB key or external disk.

OS X-specific features include support for Core Storage backup and restore, including FileVault2 and FusionDrive, and the ability to back up the active partition, even when it’s in use.

A capable partition manager can create, format, resize or partitions, change their properties, convert from one file system or partition scheme to another, or redistribute free space from one partition to another (even Windows and Mac).

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac

Backup some partitions or everything, in a complete or speedy incremental form

OS X System Integrity Protection normally prevents this on the system disk, but Hard Disk Manager detects SIP and prompts to create a bootable USB key to handle the partitioning.

Bonus features include secure file deletion to completely wipe a partition, and repair tools to fix partition problems or get a broken Windows OS booting again.

All this can be yours for $39.95, and a 10-day trial is available now.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac runs on OS X 10.9 and later.

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