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Snap and resize desktop windows to a grid with WindowGrid

30 December 2015, Mike Williams

WindowGridWindows provides many ways to help reposition and resize your desktop windows – cascading, tiling, aero snap, more – but even the latest editions won’t always give you the control you need.

WindowGrid is an ultra-lightweight tool which allows users to precisely snap and resize individual windows to a customisable grid, using just the mouse.

The program arrives as a tiny download, barely 300KB. There’s no installation required, no adware, and it doesn’t make any dubious system-wide changes (all your windows look and work as before, no extra icons or menu options).

The system is very unintrusive. It doesn’t interfere with the way you normally reposition windows, so if you left-click the title bar of a window, then drag, it’ll move just as before.

If you decide to try out WindowGrid, hold down the right button as well as the left, and a customisable grid overlay appears (check the settings to adjust its size and colour).

WindowGrid-thumbYour window snaps to the nearest grid line and resizes to fit.

Continue dragging the window until the top left corner is snapped to your preferred grid position.

Release the right mouse button only, and drag down and right. Your window resizes, snapping to the nearest grid position as you move.

Release the left mouse button and that’s it: your window has been snapped and sized to fit a specific position on the grid. Relocate other applications to fit around it, and use them as normal.

WindowGrid is very basic. There’s no way to save the current window positions, always restore an application to a particular size, or anything else even faintly advanced.

Still, it does give you a more precise way to manually position and size desktop windows (even when they’re not normally resizable), and that’s enough to be useful. Go take a look.

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