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Open Live Writer is an open source fork of Windows Live Writer

10 December 2015, Mike Williams

Open Live WriterMicrosoft’s blog editor Windows Live Writer has been revived with an independent open-source fork, Open Live Writer.

OLW’s first release allows you to create blog posts, add photos, videos, maps or more, and publish them to your website.

The program supports various blog services, including WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, Moveable Type, DasBlog and more.

Licensing and other issues means the development team has dropped some of the old Live Writer features.

Spell Check has gone for the moment, the Blog This API has been ditched forever and the OneDrive “Albums” feature has also disappeared.

Open Live Writer

Blog posts can contain images, videos, maps and more

The good news is that the team is “actively working on supporting plugins”, and as soon as that happens we should see third-party developers filling any gaps in functionality.

The other priority is supporting the OAuth 2 authentication scheme, which Blogger will be using exclusively very soon.

(Windows Live Writer will never get OAuth 2 support, so if you’re currently using it with a Blogger account then you’ll need to migrate to Open Live Writer soon.)

Open Live Writer is an open source application for Windows 7 and later.

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