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RogueKiller 11 ships with rewritten kernel driver, ADS detection

30 November 2015, Mike Williams

RoguekillerFrench developer Adlice Software has released RogueKiller 11, the latest edition of its powerful malware detection tool.

The new build comes with a completely rewritten kernel driver, delivering more efficient scans and improved reliability for the latest versions of Windows.

There’s more good news for Windows 10 users as RogueKiller 11’s IAT scan now works with Microsoft Edge.

The file system scanner now detects alternate data streams.

The scanning process is more streamlined (there’s no more “Prescan” stage), and there are one or two other changes under the hood (see the official changelog if you need to know more).

Roguekiller 11

Launch. Click Scan. Wait. Fairly easy, really – though be sure to read the report carefully before you click “Delete”

It all makes for an impressive package, which despite its power remains very easy to use.

Click Scan, wait as the program scans running processes, your Registry, scheduled tasks, web browsers, file system, and checks for rootkits. View the report when it’s done, choose what you’d like to wipe, and click Delete to clean up.

The free build does have one significant issue, in that there’s no “quick” scan, no way to choose a specific area to check: it’s a full system scan or nothing.

Still, if that’s an issue then you can fix it temporarily by activating the trial version, or just buy a personal license for $15/ year.

RogueKiller 11 is an excellent malware hunter for Windows XP and later.

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