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Start10 brings the Windows 7 Start menu back to Windows 10

03 September 2015, Mike Williams

Start10Windows 10 may have restored the Start menu, but its Windows 8-style redesign isn’t too everyone’s taste.

If you’re not happy with the new look then Stardock’s Start10 ($4.99) gives you some stylish and configurable alternatives.

By default you get a Windows 7-style menu, complete with Search box, an “All Programs” menu, and no live tiles at all.

Classic Shell gives you that for free, but Start10 can also display the menu in a Modern or Windows 10 style, helping it blend in with the rest of the operating system.


A Windows 7-style Start Menu is just one of your options

Each menu style has a range of visual tweaks. You’re able to define a custom Start button, apply textures to the menu and taskbar, set icon and tile sizes, transparency, and more.

Other handy configuration options include the ability to use Cortana from Start10. And if the regular Windows 10 Start menu is still a better choice for a particular task, you can call it up at any time by pressing the right Windows key or Ctrl+clicking the Start button.

Is Start10 really worth its $4.99 price? We’re unsure, but it certainly looks good, is configurable and easy-to-use, and if you’re unhappy with the standard Windows 10 menu then it’s probably worth a try.

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