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“Send To Toys” updated for Windows 10

01 September 2015, Mike Williams

Send To ToysAfter years with no activity at all, Gabriele Ponti’s classic Explorer extension Send To Toys has been updated to version 2.71 with improved installation, various bug fixes and Windows 10 compatibility.

That’s good news, as it’s still a time-saving tool, extending the right-click Send To menu with options to copy a file’s contents to the clipboard, open them in the command prompt, enter their name in the Run box, copy or move them, send them via email, and more.

Explorer can sort-of do some of these things already, but Send To Toys is generally smarter. For example, the “open this object in a command window” sequence (right-click > Send To > Command Prompt) doesn’t just work with folders, but supports files as well, opening a command window with their name already entered.


Extend Explorer’s Send To menu with useful options and extras

The program also makes it easy to customise the Send To menu, removing any of its own tools which you don’t need, along with whatever other entries might be cluttered the list (“Fax recipient”, anyone?)

Send To Toys is a freeware application for Windows XP and later.

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