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Take up to 10x more photos/ videos on your phone with FotoFox

14 May 2015, Mike Williams

FotoFoxNo matter how much storage your phone has, it’s easily filled, especially if you’re always taking photos and videos.

FotoFox is a free iOS/ Android app which compresses images and videos as they’re shot, reducing quality but cutting their size by up to 90%, and still giving you access to the originals when necessary.

The app looks very basic, with the absolute minimum of options. Select Photo or Video, tap a button to take the shot/ start recording, tap again to stop.

The clever part happens next: FotoFox (almost) instantly compresses the picture/ movie, while uploading the original to its own private server. No need to register first, set up an account or anything else: it just works.


Photos and videos are compressed by 80-90%, but the originals are available if you need them

You’re then able to view or share the optimised version in the usual ways. But if it’s something important, which maybe you’d like to edit or process elsewhere, you can always download the original version from within the app.

This won’t be the best option in every situation. If you really want to free up space on your device, why not just upload media to Dropbox or some other cloud service? Others can then immediately access them, no further sharing steps required. And you can download them later from anywhere.

Using FotoFox does mean you can keep more media locally, though. Reduced file sizes means they upload more quickly to other services, and the all-round ease of use is a plus, too. Go take a look.

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