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SSH client SmarTTY 2.0 adds in-place file editing

07 May 2015, Mike Williams

SmarTTYSysprog’s free SSH client SmarTTY has been updated to version 2.0 with in-place file editing for your remote files. There’s no need to try to find your way around a Linux tool, just hit File > Open and work on your files in a Windows-style editor.

The program now supports accessing multiple sessions from the same window, each with its own set of tabs and file transfers.

A new raw terminal displays ASCII and HEX views of your communications, and save its logs to file for analysis later.


SmarTTY 2.0 supports multiple SSH sessions (left), each with their own tabs (bottom), all in the same window

The revamped connection selector window now supports “detailed” view, aliases and custom icons, as well as a name filter to help you find whatever you need.

But if you think “less is more” then you might appreciate the new “Minimalistic mode”, which hides most of the GUI chrome, while “full-screen mode” also removes the window border and title bar for a pure Linux console look.

SmarTTY 2.0 is a freeware SSH client for Windows XP and later.

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