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iTranslate for Mac 1.0 translates words, sentences and phrases from your Mac’s menu bar.

11 July 2014, Nick Peers

iTranslate for MacSonicoMobile has launched iTranslate for Mac 1.0, a new addition to its stable of translation tools that includes iOS and Windows 8.

iTranslate allows users to quickly and easily translate words, sentences and phrases between 80 different languages, offering both written and spoken translations for text entered.

The Mac version of the app sits in the menu bar, allowing users to access it from any app by either clicking its menu bar icon or by invoking a custom keyboard shortcut that users can set up during the initial setup process.

iTranslate for Mac 1.0

A simple concept superbly executed – iTranslate arrives on the Mac platform.

Once opened, users type the word or sentence they wish to translate into the native language box and hit [Enter] – after a short pause a written translation is rendered, and users can hear it spoken by clicking the button next to the translated phrase.

If users enter a single word that has more than one meaning, iTranslate will list all available translations alongside each possible meaning. 80 languages are currently supported by the program, and users can switch language by clicking the appropriate flag icon to choose from a list or search for a specific language.

The app works well, and makes the most of iTranslate’s cloud-based capabilities, making it as effective a tool as its siblings on iOS and Windows. The biggest surprise is the price – a whopping $9.99, which compares badly to the free ad-supported Windows 8 and iOS versions. In addition, iOS users can also purchase iTranslate Voice 2.3 for just $1.99, which allows users to speak as well as type their phrases and is designed to act as a translation tool between two people.

Perhaps mindful of this, iTranslate for Mac launches with a special 50 per cent discount for the first few days of its life, making it a more palatable $4.99, although it’s a shame there’s no trial version available.

iTranslate for Mac 1.0 is available now as a purchase-only download for Macs running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later. Also available are iTranslate Voice 2.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and iTranslate for Windows 8.

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