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Audio Memos 4.1 improves VoiceOver support, adds new memo, scrubbing and sorting tools

30 January 2014, Nick Peers

Audio MemosImesart S.à.r.l has released Audio Memos Free 4.1.0 and Audio Memos Pro 4.1.0, major updates to its mobile digital voice recording apps. Version 4.1 comes with pinned controls for VoiceOver users to make the app easier to use for those with sight problems.

Other improvements – restricted to the paid-for versions – include options for easily erasing sections of memos, new storing options and variable scrubbing speeds for all sliders.

Audio Memos comes in three flavours for those looking for a digital voice recording app to replace their existing Dictaphone. The free version, available on Android and iOS, offers basic recording, editing and sharing capabilities. All recordings are stored in the universal WAV format, and users can choose one of three quality settings to strike a balance between file size and quality.

Audio Memos Pro

Audio Memos Pro gives you advanced digital voice recording capabilities, at a price.

This compromise is important in the free version as aside from being ad-supported, users can only share recordings via email, up to a maximum of 3MB in size. iOS users can, however, also transfer recordings to their computer via their local Wi-Fi network using the app’s built-in file server and their computer’s web browser.

The free version also includes limited editing controls for finished recordings, allowing users to append new audio on to the end of existing recordings or overwrite parts of the existing soundtrack with newly recorded material.

A separate paid-for version, entitled simply Audio Memos, is also available for Android and iOS. This removes the email size limit, plus iPad and iPhone users also gain multitasking support as well as the option of transferring files via USB and iTunes.

Audio Memos also includes a number of in-app purchases that allow users to pick and choose which advanced functionality they wish to use without having to shell out the full $9.99 for the Audio Memos Pro app (only available on iOS). Of these optional features, only support for adding markers is available to Android users, while iOS users also have the choice of buying in more advanced editing features, and the ability to compress recordings to save more space among other tools.

Version 4.1’s main feature – applicable to all versions – sees it pin the controls for VoiceOver users allowing those with sight-related problems to more easily use the app.

Both paid-for versions also improve the memos feature by allowing users to easily erase a section of a memo while also improving the security of stored memos within the app.

Finally, the Pro version also gains a number of new sorting options for existing recordings, while extending variable scrubbing speeds to all applicable sliders.

Audio Memos Free 4.1.0 is available now as a free download for Android and iOS, while Audio Memos Pro 4.1.0 is available for iPhone and iPad for $9.99.

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