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Fluffyapp 3.0 adds new drop display, no longer supports Windows XP

27 January 2014, Nick Peers

fluffyapp-200x175It took three years for version 2 to make its final appearance, but just one month later developer Richard Wang has released FluffyApp 3.0. FluffyApp is a freeware client that allows Windows users to share files (known as “drops”) using the Mac-only CloudApp file-sharing service.

Version 3.0 includes a new drop display feature, live drop history updates and features a major rewrite of its core code. It also now requires .NET Framework 4.5 to function, which means it’s no longer compatible with Windows XP.

One reason for FluffyApp 3’s swift appearance is that CloudApp recently updated its own Mac-only app with the release of CloudApp 2.0. This introduced such new features as speedy screenshots, instant drop sharing and a revamped design. Many of the features introduced here have subsequently been ported across to FluffyApp 3.

FluffyApp 3.0

FluffyApp 3.0 introduces a major redesign in lieu of changes introduced in CloudApp.

Chief among these has been a design tweak to match the drop display found in CloudApp 2.0. This has been accompanied by making drop history now update in real-time.

There’s also support for infinite scrolling, which was brought about by CloudApp 2.0 introducing an unlimited history of previous drops. Users can access this feature via FluffyApp’s main interface, accessed by clicking its Notification area icon.

Users also now get to see a thumbnail of each drop when picking one to share, and can now select a drop via shortcut keys.

Version 3.0 also promises a major rewrite of some unspecified part of the core code as well as setting up the User Agent for CloudApp’s own API calls. The Upload and Text tabs introduced in FluffyApp 2.0 have also been moved back to the tray menu with this release to better reflect the CloudApp API, where they’ve also been joined by the upload indicator.

Other redesigned elements include the login screen, improved text under Options (where users will now find their account information) and a new button in the Plugins window that opens the plugins folder.

The app also now better matches the Windows tray icon border colour while various elements – including the tray icon, login screen, drop history and options screen – have all been optimised for 200 per cent DPI as found on high resolution 4K displays. The update is rounded off with a flurry of bug fixes and a new default installation location within the Windows Program Files directory.

FluffyApp 3.0 is available now as a freeware download for Windows with .NET Framework 4.5 or later installed, meaning the minimum requirement is now Windows Vista SP2, although Windows 7 or later is recommended. Users will also require a free or paid-for CloudApp account. Mac users can access the service via CloudApp 2.0.

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