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Comodo IceDragon 21 and Comodo Dragon 27 promise a more secure browsing experience for Windows users

07 June 2013, Nick Peers

Comodo IceDragonComodo has refreshed its two free web browsers with the release of Comodo Dragon 27.1 and Comodo IceDragon As the version numbers hint, both are Windows-only variants of better known browsers in the form of Chromium, the engine driving Chrome, and Firefox respectively.

Both browsers promise a more secure browsing experience than the native browsers they’re based on with additional security and privacy features, such as switching to Comodo’s own DNS servers and integrated link scanning tools.

Comodo IceDragon adds all the functionality of Firefox 21 as revealed here, but also comes with a brand new security feature in the form of HTTPS enforcement. This allows users to specify that certain domains are always accessed via a more secure HTTPS option – it’s enabled per-domain by clicking the simple address bar icon that appears when a secure connection has been established.

COMODO IceDragon 21

COMODO IceDragon 21 adds a new security option in the form of HTTPS enforcement.

The update also address specific issues with IceDragon, namely fixes for UI web developer tools, GUI issues when using personas and some other unspecified skin-related issues.

In addition to adding HTTPS enforcement, IceDragon also includes SiteInspector link scanning for spotting and blocking malware – simply right-click a suspicious web page and choose Scan Link or click the SiteInspector  button for a detailed audit of the site, including safety rating, domain registration details and a history of previous malware scans on the site.

IceDragon users can also opt into Comodo’s DNS servers free of charge, which Comodo promises will result in faster page loading and a safer internet experience through its malware domain filters. Other privacy tweaks include removing Firefox’s crash report and performance data submissions as well as implementing its own update module. If users have Comodo Internet Security installed, they can also run IceDragon in an isolated sandbox environment for even greater security via a clickable button on the IceDragon toolbar.

Comodo Dragon 27.1 simply brings the browser in line with Chromium 27, which means all the new features and improvements recently revealed in Chrome 27 – including marginally faster page loading times and improved spell corrections and Omnibox predictions – are present here.

Dragon’s additional security features include privacy enhancements that go beyond those offered by default in Chromium, Domain Validation technology that identifies and segregates superior SSL certificates from inferior ones, the ability to stop cookies and other web spying mechanisms and the prevention of any browser tracking of downloads.

Both Comodo IceDragon and Comodo Dragon 27.1 are available now as a freeware downloads for PCs running Windows XP or later.

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