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Toasts&Tiles Takes Care of Gmail in Windows 8

30 April 2013, Software Publisher

Gmail LogoWhat do you do when you need to check your email? Fire up Outlook or Thunderbird? Launch Chrome and head over to the Gmail website? Having to do this throughout the day is a waste of time, and it’s a waste of time that Toasts&Tiles for Gmail aims to address. As you’d probably guess from the name, this is a Gmail client that includes support for toast notifications as well as live tiles.

With the app running constantly in the background, you will be notified whenever a new email hits you inbox. There’s no need to keep manually checking, breaking away from what you’re doing and losing your train of thought – if there’s something you need to know about, the app will let you know.

Toasts&Tiles for Gmail

Toasts&Tiles for Gmail

On the face of things this may seem like a very basic app, and in many respects it is. But the simple addition of toast notifications for up to three Gmail accounts can be a real productivity boost – and as there is support for Google Apps accounts, it’s something that’s likely to appeal to small businesses as well.

The app can also be run in a docked mode that shows a useful summary of what is happening in your inbox. If you have more than one Gmail account configured, this mode displays details for each of your accounts and enables you to jump to any of them with a quick click.

Simple but good-looking, this is a free email client that Gmail users should check out. Find out more and download a copy of the free app at the Toasts&Tiles for Gmail  review page.

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