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Calculatormatik: a feature-packed calculator with something for everyone

29 April 2013, Mike Williams

If you ever need to carry out a quick calculation or unit conversion then there are plenty of online resources which can help. And Google is a great place to start; just enter your calculation in the Search box and see what happens.

There’s still a place for calculator software, though, especially if it supports a wide range of functions. So we were particularly interested to find Calculatormatik, an extremely versatile tool which crams 100 conversion and calculator-type options into a mere 198KB download.

As you might expect for a program of this size, the interface is, well, a little basic – just a resizable box with a list of the various calculators. These are arranged in alphabetical order, too, rather than grouped by types, and the names don’t always make it entirely clear what they do. But if you spend a while poking around, you’ll find some useful tools.

Take the “Area Calculator”, for instance. Sounds simple, but it doesn’t just let you calculate the area of, say, a circle, or square. You can also select an ellipse, a kite, a triangle, trapezoid and more. And there are options to calculate the surface area of cones, cylinders, spheres, a torus and more.

It looks basic, but Calculatormatik has some very useful features

The “Weight Converter” is similarly varied, with support for converting grams and milligrams, pounds and ounces, grains, stones, Newtons, carats and more.

There are assorted mathematical tools: a geometric progression calculator, along with quadratic and simultaneous equation solvers. Software-related options include a “Byte Converter” (convert between bits, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and so on), a “Base64 to String” converter and “MD5 Hash” calculator. And specialist tools cover topics ranging from LED Resistance to Fishing Boat Speed. They’re all basic, and limited in various ways, but still have enough power to come in handy.

If you’re not the mathematical type, don’t worry, there are plenty of more general tools available. Enter your birth date in the Birthday Calculator to see your age in months, weeks, days, hours and minutes, for instance. Dieters may appreciate the Body Mass Index and Basal Metabolic Rate calculators. There are practical calculators to help you figure out mortgage and lease repayments, compound interest and fuel consumption. And you even get tools which really aren’t calculators at all, though they’re still useful: a simple stopwatch, say, or a random password generator.

Calculatormatik has definite room for improvement. The interface needs work; it doesn’t matter how far you resize the program window horizontally, for instance, the program will still only display two columns. The individual calculator interfaces generally look as though they’ve been thrown together in seconds. And some kind of program help would be welcome, too, even if only online.

Even now, though, this is still a fun program with some useful functionality. And there’s almost certainly plenty here for you, whether you’re mathematically-minded or not.

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