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HeyDoc! 1.8.5 released, fixes the “profile switch” bug

02 January 2013, Mike Williams

Last month we took a look at SD Software’s HeyDoc!, a very capable tool which can track just about every aspect of your entire family’s medical history: appointments, medicines, diet, symptoms, weight, blood pressure, it’s all included.

As we also reported, though, HeyDoc! had one notable issue, in an error message which appeared on some systems whenever you selected a user profile. And so we were pleased to see that the developers had released HeyDoc! 1.8.5, in an effort to address the problem.

Does it work? We installed the new build on a system which had experienced this bug before, launched HeyDoc!, and this time there was no immediate error message. Everything worked exactly as it should.

This bug fix release sees HeyDoc! now running smoothly and without problems

We switched profiles, again with no problem. Created new files, switched between them, and everything was still fine.

And just to reassure ourselves that HeyDoc! was working as it should, we tried adding custom details to each of our profiles, and again they seemed to be saved and recalled entirely correctly.

Software bugs can be complex, of course, and it’s possible there’s still some combination of conditions which might cause HeyDoc! 1.8.5 to misbehave. From our first look, though, the program now seems to create, load and switch between profiles without any problems at all, on all systems, and if that issue put you off using HeyDoc! before then we’d recommend you give it another try.

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