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Start Screen Pinner increases your pinning options in Windows 8

19 October 2012, Software Publisher

Start Screen PinnerThe release of Windows day is mere days away and the release rate for tools geared up for the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system is accelerating. One of the most controversial aspects of Windows 8 is the new Start Screen, and this is a feature that many tweaking tools seem to be concentrating on. This is certainly the case with Start Screen Pinner which, as the name suggests, makes it easy to pin almost anything to the Start Screen.

Start Menu tweakers are tools that crop up fairly frequently, and there are plenty of utilities that have been designed to make the Start Screen of Windows 8 easier to use by reinstating the Start button. Start Screen Planner is slightly different in that it provides you with a way of adding new shortcuts to the Start Screen rather than changing the way it work or the way in which you access it.

Start Screen Pinner

Start Screen Pinner

This is a very simple tool – it is tiny and does not even need to be installed – but it provides you with an incredibly easy way to add links to almost any item to your Start Screen. This include files, folders and libraries that you use frequently and want to be able to access easily, but there is also the option of adding more useful shortcuts to system tools such as individual Control Panel applets.

Many users who have tried out the preview releases of Windows 8 have found that the new Start Screen is a little awkward to use. Start Screen Pinner does nothing to change the way it works, but it does help to make it a great deal easier to add more useful shortcuts that will enable to get around your computer more quickly.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by paying a visit to the Start Screen Pinner review page.

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