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Keep up to date with notification from your Android device at your desktop with DeskNotifier

26 July 2012, Software Publisher

DeskNotifierHow many times do you look at your phone when you are at your computer? If you are working in an office you may well have done the decent thing and turned down your volume – this means that there is no way of knowing when you receive an SMS or some other notification that you may need to see. This is where DeskNotifier and DeskNotifier for Android can help, enabling you to see notification in Windows.

You’ll need to install both the desktop and Android version of the app and you can choose between using it when your phone or tablet is connect to your computer via USB, or over wifi. Whenever a notification appears on your Android device, a similar alert will be generated in the form of a taskbar balloon popup. You can also choose to have a sound played, but if you have switched off sounds on your Android device, this may only be useful if you are useful headphones.



So far, so useful, but DeskNotifier has little more up its sleeve. You will be notified whenever your receive an email, SMS, Facebook alert and numerous other alerts, but the desktop app can also be used to send text messages. Select this option from the context menu and you will be presented with a popup window from which you can select a contact and type an SMS to send. At the moment, the app seems to have trouble with contact for which you have multiple numbers, but hopefully this is something that will be addressed in an update.

The app is not perfect. The number of supported applications is not limitless, and there are currently no options that enable you to block the appearance of particular notification and not all of the notifications are as useful as they could be. For example, when an email notification appears, you are simply informed of the arrival of an email, there is no way to click it to be taken to your inbox. But these are minor quibbles about an app that is shaping up to be something very interesting.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the desktop app by paying a visit to the DeskNotifier review page, and grab a copy of the Android app by paying a visit to the DeskNotifier for Android review page.

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