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Find out what caused a crash or BSoD with WhoCrashed Home Edition

11 June 2012, Software Publisher

WhoCrashed Home EditionWhen Windows dies it’s not always easy to determine just what caused the problem. Sometimes you may be lucky and find that you are shown a helpful error message that singles out the culprit, but for most BSoDs and crashes you’ll end up with an error code that is all but impossible to interpret. In many cases you will find that Windows simply restarts, giving you no opportunity to find out what has caused the problem. Install WhoCrashed and you should be able to find out much more.

After or during crashing, Windows will generate a crash dump file that could help you to find out just what the problem is. However, finding, reading and understanding these dump files can be a problem on its own. WhoCrashed Home Edition is a free program that will automatically scan your hard drive for the presence of crash dump files and let you know which drivers are likely to be responsible.

WhoCrashed Home Edition

WhoCrashed Home Edition

Having identified which driver has led to Windows crashing, you are then in far better position to set about the task of diagnosing and fixing the issue. You can easily check for updates that may be available for the device in question and you should hopefully find that this addresses the problem. The crash dump analysis can also reveal program files that have caused issues and you can use this information to choose to update or uninstall problematic software.

While WhoCrashed is not a perfect program, it makes things a great deal easier than blindly trying different options. You should find that you are pointed in the right direction pretty much every time, and even if a direct solution is not offered, you have been provided with the data you need to carry out your own investigations.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by paying a visit to the WhoCrashed Home Edition review page.

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