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Keeping it safe – Cobian Backup 11 exits beta and gets a full release

27 April 2012, Software Publisher

Cobian Backup 11Looking for a backup tool? There is plenty of choice for even the pickiest of software connoisseurs. Aside from the irritating aspect of having to actually get a backup job set up, one thing that puts many people off safeguarding their valuable data by backing it up is the cost of the necessary software.  Cobian Backup 11 is one of a number of free backup tools that are vying for users’ attention and it boasts an impressive array of features after leaving beta testing.

If you have been following the development of the app, the move to version 11 sees the introduction of a number of new features as well as tweaks to existing favorites. There is now support for AES encryption, better remote management and the ability to use tasks within groups.  The important thing to remember with any backup regime is that your files are only truly safe if you back them up regularly. Rather than relying on memory, it is better to have an automatic schedule in place, and this is definitely something that Cobian Backup can help you out with.

Cobian Backup 11

Cobian Backup 11

The range of scheduling options is impressive and there are various new system events that can be used as triggers rather than just relying on dates and times. For example, you may choose to run a backup at startup, or on the third Tuesday of the month, or before computer suspension. If you have configured multiple backups – you may want to backup music files and image separately, for instance – one task can be used as trigger for another.

Other enhancements see the addition of the ability to limit the number of differential backup that are retained, meaning that you are able to place restrictions on the amount of space that has to be set aside to house backups. With features such as FTP backups – both as source and destination – strong compression and encryption and much more besides. It’s easy to be put off the idea of using free software, particular for something as important as backing up data, but this is a tool that deserves serious attention.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the program by paying a visit to the Cobian Backup 11 review page.

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