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Secure web browser Comodo Dragon 17.5 features updated Chromium core and profile support

14 March 2012, Software Publisher

There are now more web browsers to choose from than ever before, and most of them are advertised based on the speed at which they render web pages. Security is often mentioned, but it is speed that is the headline grabber. The same cannot be said of Comodo Dragon, the web browser from Comodo, the famous security firm responsible for Comodo Antivirus and Comodo Internet Security. While this is still a fast browser, the focus is firmly on security.

This focus is such that the browser is billed as offering an unparalleled level of security, and the latest release – version 17.5.2 – takes things even further. Each version of every web browser is, at least in theory, more secure than the last, and as Comodo is based on the Chromium core, it makes sense to keep it regularly updated. As such, the latest version of the browser is based on the Chromium 17.0.963.79 core. This is good for starts, but there are a couple of other new additions to check out.

Comodo Dragon is a secure web browser based on Google Chrome

There is now support for multiple profiles which is great news for anyone working in shared computer environments who want to have different settings in place. The changelog also notes that ‘it is now possible to access local web resources with “Enable malware domain filtering” option enabled’, although this is not an option that is available to anyone who is still running Windows XP.

To get the best security protection from the browser, you will need to take up the installer’s offer of switching to Comodo’s secure DNS servers. If you can opt to use this just for the browser, or change the system-wide setting so that all of your internet-enabled applications make use of these servers. Going down this route means that you can be better protected from visiting malicious web sites, and Comodo also claims that it helps to improve the load time of pages.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the web browser by paying a visit to the Comodo Dragon review page.

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