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Get the latest version of Mamutu worth $20 for free this Friday

23 February 2012, Nick Peers

If you want to keep your PC protected from all those nasties out there, you need to accept that one security tool isn’t necessarily going to be enough. The speed at which malware appears on the scene often catches security tools on the hop, particularly those that rely on signature updates to help them recognise and block the threat.

Mamutu takes a different approach: by keeping a beady eye on your system for suspicious behaviour, it’s able to spot malware even without the benefit of a signature guidebook, allowing you to close that critical gap in your security armor. And better still, from midnight tonight (Central European Time), we’re giving away a full one-year, one-PC license of the latest version of Mamutu, worth $20, for free!

To get your free copy of Mamutu, just head over to the Downloadcrew Giveaway website between 00:00 and 23:59 (Central European Time) this Friday February 24th and follow the instructions.

How it works
Mamutu requires a PC running Windows XP or later, and is designed to run alongside your existing security tool, so you won’t have to worry about conflicts or even a system slowdown – Mamutu consumes just 30MB of RAM while running in the background, keeping watch over your system for you.

Mamutu is designed to work in tandem with your existing security software.

Mamutu’s speciality is dealing with Zero-Day threats, malicious software that’s just appeared in the wild. If your security tool still relies on signature updates – cloud-based or otherwise – your system is at risk while the threat is first identified and then nullified via a signature update. Those few hours are critical, which is why Mamutu is so important: if your security tool has no behavioural analysis capabilities, it’s the only thing standing between you and infection.

The program is simple to use, install and set up, and then that’s it: there are no scans to perform, or signature updates to worry about, you can leave Mamutu to its own devices. If it spots an application performing what it considers to be suspicious behaviour, you’ll be notified and asked how you want to deal with it. You can also set up detailed application rules, allowing you to whitelist completely trusted applications, allow specific activities or simply block the entire app.

Not all suspicious activity is malicious, and while it’s better to be safe than sorry, Mamutu takes steps to minimise false positives and provide you with helpful advice. One recent addition to its armoury is community based alert reduction, which shows you what other Mamutu users did. This gives you an idea of whether or not the suspicious behaviour is legitimate or not, and helps you choose whether or not to quarantine the process.

Mamutu also allows you to ring-fence certain apps like your web browser, preventing third-party programs from changing them – you’ll be glad to know this protection is already implemented for Mamutu itself, preventing malware from shutting it down.

Get your free copy
With all of this extra protection to be had with little or no effect on system resources, can you afford to miss out on this great offer? You can get Mamutu for your Windows PC by visiting the DownloadCrew Giveaway site from midnight tonight, CET.

Important: the download offer will be live for 24 hours on Friday February 24, from 00:00 to 23:59, Central European Time.

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