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Kuvva brings you an inspiring new desktop wallpaper every day of the week

02 January 2012, Software Publisher

Your desktop wallpaper may be something you don’t give much thought to, but whether you have chosen to stick with a stock image, or have adorned your desktop with a photograph of loved ones or a favorite place, this is an image you are going to be seeing on a daily basis. It is easy to become bored of constantly seeing the same image, and being bored is not a mood that is conducive to being productive, whatever you are meant to be doing. Kuvva is a free app that helps to alleviate the boredom by providing you with a new wallpaper every day.

This is not exactly a new idea as there are numerous wallpaper changing applications available; but Kuvva is a little different. Rather than relying on your providing a series of images that can be rotated as your desktop wallpaper, Kuvva gets its images from an online repository which is being constantly updated by artists, designers and photographers. The app takes care of changing yoru wallpaper for you, so when you switch on your computer in the morning you can be greeted by a new and inspiring work of art.

The app requires you to set up an online account at the Kuvva web site, and this means that it is possible to configure various preferences. Desktop wallpapers you are keen on can be favorited so you can easily activate them again if you decide you want to see a particular image again. It is also possible to creates sets comprising images you would like to group together – based on theme, color scheme or anything else you feel appropriate.

Kuvva is available for both Mac and PC and is a great way to give your machine a fresh new look each day. While there are a limited number of artists and pictures to browse through at the moment, as Kuvva gains momentum it looks like it is going to grow into something impressive. And if you are a budding artist or photographer, you could use this as a platform for you work – check it out to see how it could help you.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by paying a visit to the Kuvva review page.

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