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iSpy 3.5.0 makes budget Big Brother surveillance more efficient than ever

08 December 2011, Nick Peers

Developerinabox has released a major update to its powerful open-source surveillance software. iSpy 3.5.0 allows Windows users to use a collection of webcams and microphones as part of a complete security system for free, although certain features, including remote access and email alerts, require a monthly subscription.

Version 3.5 promises vastly improved resource management, and adds two major new features: the ability to detect and recover from crashes and hangs, plus a built-in media browser.

iSpy 3.5.0 should run far more efficiently than previous versions, thanks to improved CPU and memory usage, which includes the ability to push the trigger for Increased Max CPU usage all the way to 100 per cent.

In addition to the built-in Media Browser, iSpy has correct MIME types for JPEG images, and removed its dependency on using Windows Media codecs in favour of pure FFMPEG.

Other new features include AutoSave of objects, Overlays for cameras and microphones (which can be switched off under Settings if not required) and Plugin support for face and licence plate recognition as well as allowing the user to create their own iSpy plug-ins.

Also added to the main screen is the command browser, while a number of unspecified bug fixes and minor improvements have also been implemented in this latest release.

iSpy 3.5.0 is available as a free open-source download for PCs running Windows XP or later, although charges (from $4 a month) apply for those wanting email alerts and remote access. A 1GHz processor is recommended along with plenty of memory, while the program also requires the .NET Framework 4.0 client is installed too.

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