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WinAmp finally finds its way to OS X and allows synching with Android

27 October 2011, Software Publisher

WinAmp used to have a huge following back in the days when MP3 was still something of a new format, and the increased popularity of the Mac and Android platforms seems to have brought about something of a resurgence. While Windows users have been able to enjoy the player for year, Mac users have not been so lucky. All this changes with the release of a beta version of the Mac player along with an important update for users of the Android version of the app.

The curiously names WinAmp for Mac Sync Beta not only indicates that the Mac software is currently in beta testing, but also that there is a strong focus on synchronization. While the player can be used to listen to your locally stored music library, it can also be used to keep your iTunes library synchronized as well as synching music with your Android device.

The great thing about Android synching is that it can be done wirelessly so there’s no need to hunt around for that elusive USB cable. Synchronizing music in this way makes it easy for anyone who has tired of working with iTunes to make the switch to a different player with a minimum of fuss and the Android version of the music player is well worth checking out as well.

In addition to music, you can also choose to synchronize videos. But while these are all important updates, WinAmp is still WinAmp at heart – it is basically a lightweight music player that can be used to listen to music stored on your hard drive or to stream online radio and much more.

You can find out more and download free copies of the apps by paying a visit to the WinAmp for Mac Sync Beta review page and the WinAmp for Android review page. An updated WinAmp for Windows is also available.

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