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Explorer Toolbar Editor enables you to edit Windows 7’s toolbar for different folder views

22 August 2011, Software Publisher

As you browse the contents of your hard drive in Windows Explorer, you will no doubt have noticed that depending on the type of folder you have selected, different buttons are displayed in the toolbar. While Windows generally does a pretty good job of determining what you might want to do with a particular type of file, it is not always right. Explorer Toolbar Editor enables you to choose which buttons you would like to have on display and when.

For example, when you are browsing through folders containing music, or performing searches of these folders, it is likely that you will either want to listen to these files or burn them to a disc so it makes sense to have the relevant buttons on display in the toolbar. However, if you would prefer different buttons to be displayed, or you would like these buttons to displayed for other folder types, Explorer Toolbar Editor enables you to makes the necessary changes without having to edit the registry.

Even if you are happy with the default buttons that Microsoft has chosen to display in the toolbars, it is possible that they do not appear in an order that works for you. Again, this is something that Explorer Toolbar Editor can help with. In a few mouse clicks you can easily move the more commonly used buttons to a more prominent position, remove those that you never use and add any that are missing.

The application also allows for customisation of the Explorer toolbar that appears when no files or folders are selected. While it makes sense to have cut and paste buttons when selecting files, when nothing is selected, there are probably more useful buttons to display. Any changes you make can be easily reverted if you change or mind or make mistakes, but the software is likely to stay on your hard drive as it can prove a real boost to productivity as the tools you need are always right where you need them.

You can find out more and download a copy of this free utility by paying a visit to the Explorer Toolbar Editor review page.

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