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Hyperdesktop: the simplest way to share images online?

09 March 2011, Mike Williams

Whether you want to post a picture on a web forum, show a diagram to work colleagues, or just let family and friends everywhere see your holiday snaps, an online image sharing service can help.

And this doesn’t have to take long to set up. In fact, if you download and run Hyperdesktop then it won’t take any time at all, as the program will upload your screen grabs or images to the popular Imgur service without requiring any other configuration whatsoever.

If you’d like to share a screen capture, say, just press the appropriate hotkey (Ctrl+Shift+3 to grab the full screen, Ctrl+Shift+4 to capture a freehand rectangle). Hyperdesktop will capture the image, upload it to Imgur, and copy the image link to your clipboard, ready to be shared in an email or instant message: it’s as easy as that.

If you need to show people several grabs, then repeat the process as many times as is necessary. When you’ve finished, open the Hyperdesktop console from its system tray icon and all the links will be displayed there, so you can copy all of them to the clipboard at once.

And if you’d like to share more than just screen grabs with others, then don’t worry, you can do that, too. Open the Hyperdesktop console, click the Browse button, choose an entire folder full of images, and the program will upload them all to Imgur, one by one, then provide the links you need to share them. Again, it’s all very easy to use, and there’s no need to worry about file space or account restrictions, as Imgur allows you to upload and share just as many images as you like.

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