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Hub List promises revolutionary approach to organising your life

03 December 2010, Nick Peers

The art of Getting Things Done (GTD) is an organisational method created by David Allen which posits that organisation is made easier by recording what needs to be done externally. Hub List is a new to-do app that works along these principles to offer the end user a user-friendly interface for recording lists, organised into folders and sub-folders, to help them bring order to a chaotic lifestyle.

The program is still in a very early stage of development – the latest beta (0.5.5) contains basic functionality only, but end users are encouraged to contribute ideas to the project’s future development via the program’s home page (, and new features are already being promoted ahead of their integration into the beta.

Next on the list of planned features is the use of tags and smart folders to allow tasks to be displayed across multiple lists. Other pre-launch features that could make Hub List a must-have app include cloud-based synchronisation of tasks, which effectively means lists can be kept synchronised across multiple platforms (say a mobile phone and work computer) easily and with no hassle. There will also be collaborative features to allow family members, colleagues or friends to share lists and work on them independently, plus plans are afoot to support two-way synchronisation with other applications and services, including Google Tasks and Basecamp.

Hub List is – and will continue – to be offered as a free application, although the program’s author has admitted he’s looking at various possible business models, which may be service-based, going forward too.

Hub List is available now as a “super early adopter beta” for Linux, Windows and Mac, with mobile phone builds (Android and iPhone) due for release by the end of the year.

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