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RAMMon identifies RAM type, speed, timings, more

04 October 2010, Mike Williams

Most people know how much RAM their PC has, maybe the type and speed, but after that the details get a little hazy.

And that can be a problem if, say, you’re looking to add more RAM to your system, or maybe do a little memory overclocking.

There’s no need to open your case to find out more, though. Just run PassMark’s latest release RAMMon, it will access the Serial Presence Detect

(SPD) data on your memory modules, and instantly tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your RAM setup.

This starts with the basics: how many DIMMs you have, which type (DDR2 or DD3, say), capacity, the memory slots that are occupied, and any that

are free, all very useful if (for instance) you’re running the program on a system you’d like to buy.

There are also details like the DIMM’s manufacturer and part number, which will help out if you’re looking to add more RAM and want to make sure it’s compatible. RAMMon even includes a “Search!” link that will open a browser window at, displaying matching DIMMs.

And the program provides in-depth details on the CAS latencies supported by these DIMMs, and all your other memory timings, essential information if you’re planning to tweak these for a PC performance boost.

There are competing programs around that do something similar, but RAMMon displays more information than most, and so if you need to know

more about your RAM configuration then it’s definitely a good place to start.

Keep in mind that the program is only free for personal use, though – companies must purchase a licence, with prices starting at $15.

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