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Review: Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 16 Deluxe

04 March 2010, Software Publisher

Audio editing software has a tendency to be either overly simplistic or too complicated for the average user, but coming from the Magix stables it is safe to assume that Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 16 Deluxe is going to be not only powerful but also easy to use. Like other Magix software, this program does not disappoint, bringing complex audio editing options to home users in an instantly accessible way.

The program can be used to edit and optimise sound, and you can work with existing files or record sound directly into the application. MP3s and other audio files can be imported in to Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 16 Deluxe, but you also have the option of importing CD audio, DVD soundtracks or the audio from a video file.

But it is also possible to record any around your computer is capable of detecting which means that old cassettes and records can be converted into digital format before setting about the task of improving audio quality. Old recording can be greatly enhanced using a selection of filters and special effects to remove unwanted pop, cracks and hisses from your favourite tracks as well as increasing volume levels or trying out something a little more experimental.

The audio you are working on can be saved as project rather than a file, which means that it is easy to stop working at any time and return to it at a later date while maintain the option to work with the effects and filters that have already been applied. Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 16 Deluxe is so simple to use, a help file is hardly needed, but whenever a tool is selected, helpful hints and tips are displayed about how it can be used – this may well help you to discover options you didn’t know existed.

When working with older audio files, you do not have to perform all of the optimisation steps manually. An automatic cleaning assistant is on hand to speed up the process, quickly removing unwanted noise and optimising audio. A batch processing option is also available, so if you have a large number of MP3 files which are suffering with the same problem – such as having been encoded at a low bitrate or suffering from low volume – they can all be fixed in one fell swoop.

If you have a camcorder you will be familiar with the scenario – shooting a perfect video but finding that it is marred by poor sound. By importing the video’s audio into the program you can easily remove unwanted background noise and perform other enhancements, including adding a narration track or background music, before recombining it with the original video.

Magix Audio Cleaning Lab 16 Deluxe is an ideal audio editing package for beginners, but it is powerful enough to grow with your knowledge and experience, and provide you with great results along the way.

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