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Manage your company finances, outstanding invoices, expenses and more using Pulse

15 October 2009, Chris Wiles

pulse-200It’s far too easy to get behind on your company finances, particularly when there’s more than one person involved. Few companies are now located in the same office building and more and more are ‘virtual’, where the company is made up of a group of individuals situated across different areas of the globe. All these users want access to the finances so they can track company expenses and cash flow.

When people work outside your office, an element of trust is involved with their work. They submit their expenses and your accountant is responsible for making sure they get paid. Problem is that it’s wise to have a system that enables you to track income, expenses and current cashflow.

Pulse is web application that enables you to track your day-to-day business income, expenses and current cashflow. You can either manage this as a single person (ie. your accountant), who would be responsible for uploading and managing all the content or shared between multiple users responsible for uploading their own expenses.

Think of Pulse as your repository for your company finances. You can get other users to upload a PDF or document of their expenses, send notes to other authorised users and track your clients/customers and the income generated. At the end of every month you could create a printable report detailing where your money has done, been received and much more.

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