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FBackup 8.7 released with backup plugin support for iTunes and Spotify. Backup4All 8.7 Professional is 67% off MSRP

11 May 2020, Sofia Wyciślik-Wilson

We're constantly told to back up our data – but if we're honest, very few of us actually get around to doing so. There are a number of reasons for this, the first of which can be not know quite what needs backing up. The next obstacle is knowing how to do it, which tool to use, and how much it will cost you.

Then, of course, there is the question of carving out time to get a backup configured and schedule updates so you don't have to think about it again. It's little wonder that so many people simply don't bother. To make things easier, FBackup 8.7 is now available and is our recommended tool for backing up your most important data. 

FBackup is completely free of charge and for many people it will do everything they need. The beauty of FBackup is that the entire configuration process is wizard-led. You start by selecting where you'd like to backup data – such as a local hard drive, network drive or location, or to the cloud (Google Drive and Dropbox are supported) – and then choose which folders you want to backup.

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The easiest option is to simply opt to backup all folders and files, but you can be a little more selective if you want to save space and speed things up. FBackup can also be used to backup settings for a wide range of popular applications – everything from browsers and office suites to games and music software. There are a number of plugin bundled that you can used to backup various applications, and more can be downloaded and installed free of charge from within the program.

If you want, you can filter out certain types of file that you may not be interested in, and the final stages involve choosing the type of backup you'd like to create (full and compressed, or a byte for byte mirror), choosing whether the backup should be password protected, and then deciding whether to run the backup job manually or on an automatic schedule.

FBackup is suprisingly powerful despite the fact it is free.

You also have the option of getting a little more hands-on by switching to Advanced mode.

New in FBackup 8.7 is backup plugin support for iTunes and Spotify, so you can directly backup your offline music, playlists and audio data to the cloud.

Upgrade to Backup4all 8.7 Professional and save 67%

While FBackup is a great, free, powerful utility, it might be the case that you're slightly more demanding. If your backup needs are more advanced, take a look at Backup4all 8.7 Professional (there's a free trial available so you can test it out). This paid-for application brings a number of advantages, including the option of creating incremental and differential backups whereby future backup updates are made faster by only backing up changes that have been detected rather than simply backing up everything.

Backup4all 9.9.895

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There's also support for a wider range of cloud services as backup destinations, and the ability to work with file versioning. Password protection of the program interface helps to stop other people from making changes to your backup settings, and there's also protection in the form of up to 256-bit AES encryption. Backup jobs are more configurable in this version of the program, and you have access to extra options such as being able to automatically run other programs before and after backups, and there's also command line support, and email notifications. Full details of the differences between FBackup and Backup4All Professional can be seen here.

If you like the look of what you see, you can make a great saving thanks to our special deal. We have Backup4All Professional available for just $19.95 (a massive 67 percent off the usual price of $59.95).


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