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OCCT 7.0 unveils testing time limit in free version, splits UI into three distinct sections

13 October 2020, Nick Peers

OCBASE has released OCCT 7.0, a major new release of its portable Windows monitoring, information, and stability checking tool.

Version 7.0’s biggest change is the introduction of a one-hour test limit. It’s also switched to the Hwinfo monitoring engine, and splits the user interface into three separate areas.

A new dedicated Monitoring section is one of OCCT 7.0’s feature highlights.

The user interface adds two new views to OCCT: the existing Stability view, providing access to OCCT’s testing components, remains in place, but is joined by Monitoring, and SysInfo views.

Monitoring provides seven types of graph: Temperature, Voltage, Power, Current, Fan, Frequency, and Usage, with a two-pane, resizable view showing available monitors on the left, and a line chart on the right plotting the selected sensors. In addition, an Others view provides simple value-based readings of additional information, such as memory loads, core ratios, and memory timings.

The SysInfo view provides collapsible panels revealing information about the CPU, GPU, motherboard, and memory.

OCCT 7.0 adds a new VRAM slider allowing users to test just part of their GPU’s memory.

Other changes in version 7 include the added ability of OCCT to track and report WHEA (Windows Hardware Error Architecture) errors that may occur during tests. Users also gain a VRAM slider to selectively test part of the graphics memory.

Monitoring improvements include support for several GPUs, a new 'Other' sensor category (no graphs) and usage graphs for Intel iGPUs.

Users also gain the ability to add flags to control monitoring, while report sizes have been modified and reorganised to accommodate the monitoring updates.

Shortly after its release, version 7.0.1 was shipped with additional bug fixes to improve monitoring stability. Storage flags have also been disabled by default (re-enable these via Settings) as – to quote the developer – OCCT "doesn’t really care about storage right now".

OCCT 7.0 is available now for Windows 64-bit PCs as a freeware, feature-restricted download for personal use. A personal license, which unlocks all tests and includes embedded monitoring, overheat protection, no waiting time, and test reports, costs $5/month or $25/year. Professional ($150/year) and Enterprise ($499/year) licenses are also available.

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