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Spotflux 3.0.0

Encrypt your internet connection, protect against viruses and more with this one-stop, very simple security tool

by Mike Williams

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Based on 2 ratings
License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows Vista (64 bit), Windows XP
Languages: English, Russian
Software Cost: Free
Date Updated: 14 July 2014
Watchlist: Add download to my watchlist
Downloads To Date: 56776
Developer: Spotflux
RSS News Feed:
Twitter Feed:!/spotflux
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Spotflux 3.0.0
Encrypt your internet connection, protect against viruses and more with this one-stop, very simple security tool

Spotflux is an extremely simple security tool which provides a host of features and functionality with the absolute minimum of hassle: it just works.

The program encrypts and secures your internet connection, for instance, preventing others from intercepting your personal details.

Spotflux is also permanently scanning your connection for inbound malware. It detects and blocks ads, eliminates tracking ads, and even conceals your true IP address to maintain your online privacy.

And there's no complicated interface you must navigate to make this happen. You don't have to set up antivirus scan times, or choose the sorts of threats you'd like the program to check for. In fact the main window only really allows you to turn Spotflux on and off; this really is a security tool that anyone can use without difficulty.

No release notes available for v3, yet.


Spotflux offers an easy way to encrypt your connection, hide your current location, and eliminate incoming malware.

Your Comments & Opinion
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Disconnects often

Posted by: Kakuza, 12 January 2013 20:54

I tried Spotflux. It works however the installer is heavy and connection slow and shaky.

The real problem with Spotflux is that it is the US company, so thanks to the Patriot Act, the data they transfer can be monitored at any time by Uncle Sam.

Normally I use SecurityKISS as they have clear privacy policy and because they are located in Ireland, at least they have a chance to keep promises.


Posted by: Dad Whiskers, 26 November 2012 20:21

@ Harry K

Obviously you are a Spotflex fan, but you obviously didn't read my post. My post was about completely surreptitious internet use. Spotflex must be installed, and is therefore useless for security critical situations where your computer may be forensically examined. Spotflux will not stand up to that. It's installed. In situations (read: countries) wherein it is necessary to avoid being found to have been using the internet surreptitiously as well as even the suspicion of having done so, one must use software such as UltraSurf. Read, think, understand and do some research before making such blanket, country-centric statements. You apparently know very little about the security procedures Ultrasurf uses. Spotflex is fine if you just want to avoid being tracked by sites and such, which is actually a useless exercise, except for porn perverts or some such. UltraSurf (UltraReach now has UltraVPN) and TOR seem to be the top picks for situations where the ultimate in internet security is critical, like when someone (read: the governments of China, Myanmar, Iran, Egypt, India) is actually "after" you, not just cookie and targeted advertising avoidance. I like getting targeted advertising.

Problem Using SpotFlux

Posted by: Harry K, 27 September 2012 02:19

@ eugen secuiu,

I can probably help you with your issues using SpotFlux.
The will also if you send them an email to


Posted by: Harry K, 27 September 2012 02:16

@ Dad Whiskers

I would not waste my time, nor risk my secuity to use Ultrasurf!
Give me SpotFlux any day!

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