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Spotflux: the simplest way to regain your online privacy?

18 April 2012, Mike Williams

If you’re looking to maintain your privacy online then you could sign up for a VPN service. But which one? There’s a lot of choice, and if you’re a networking novice then figuring out which service is right for you can be a real challenge.

But that’s where Spotflux comes in. This interesting new VPN service comes packed with useful functionality – encryption, ad-blocking, antivirus and more – yet really couldn’t be any easier to configure.

We downloaded and launched the client, for example, which walked us through a simple setup process. And that was it, no need to reboot, everything was working right away.

The Spotflux interface couldn't be much simpler

Our connection was now encrypted, then. Our location was concealed (we had a new public-facing IP address). And as our traffic was redirected through the Spotflux servers, it also stripped out ads, tracking cookies, viruses, malware and more.

What was most remarkable, though, was the lack of any interface complexity at all. The main window only allows you to enable or disable Spotflux with a click. And even the settings dialog didn’t contain anything much: you can set the UI language, define how updates are to be installed and configure an optional proxy, but that’s about it.

If there’s a small problem it’s in a slight but noticeable delay when surfing via Spotflux. Overall the system still performs well for a free VPN, though, so if you’re looking to maintain your online privacy without any of the usual technical hassles then the program definitely merits a closer look.

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