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Pale Moon 33.0.2 Official Mirror

Speed-optimized version of Firefox designed for the best possible performance

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 8
Moonchild Productions
Software Cost:
Internet Tools
Date Updated:
26 March 2024
Downloads To Date:
English, German, French, Spanish
Download Size:
21.00 MB

Pale Moon is a customised version of Firefox, which has been carefully optimised for speed and efficiency.

The program has been made more lightweight, for instance, by stripping out little-used components like the accessibility features, and the parental controls. The crash report has also been stripped out, as it's designed to work with server-side technology that isn't available on And Pale Moon also drops support for Internet Explorer's ActiveX and ActiveX scripting technology, which also offers a security benefit as it means the browser can't be infected by malicious ActiveX controls.

Other optimisations are more technical. In particular, Firefox is compiled with the most conservative of settings, to ensure that it'll run on even ancient CPUs. Pale Moon, though, is optimised to take full advantage of modern processors, and this can give it a huge advantage over Firefox in some areas.

So how much faster can the browser be? That's a tricky question, as performance varies greatly depending on what's being tested.

The browser does have one potential down side, in that it may be incompatible with some extensions. If they've assumed that the browser's program name is firefox.exe, say, or they're using components that Pale Moon has stripped out, like the Parental Controls, then you'll probably find they don't work.

This is rare, though - more extensions install and run just fine. Trying out Pale Moon also gets you access to useful extras, like the Language Packs (you can now run the program in more than 70 languages), a portable edition, and a 64-bit version. And as you can install and run both Pale Moon and Firefox together on the same system, the program is really easy to evaluate. So if any of this sounds right for you, then give Pale Moon a try, and see how much faster it might be on your system.


Proving that open source leads to great development, Pale Moon takes the already decent Firefox web browser and makes it even better and a faster.

Your Comments & Opinion

24 March 2012 09:46, Graham Barnaby
Been using firefox for many years now, so thought i would give palemoon a go i am impressed i will be using palemoon from now on.
21 February 2012 16:31, Arkydon Lyngdoh
An awesome browser....that really feels faster than firefox.
Considering most programs have an installer and a portable version it okay if the portable version is used in a PC or is there any problems that arise especcially when we want to update it?
Pale Moon x64 v4.0.7 is cool
01 June 2011 12:59, ij
I found this program after Firefox Nightly updated to v7.0a. Being the brand new alpha it is a bit unstable as expected.

I like my 64-bit browsers and Pale Moon x64 filled the gap nicely.
Being based on FF4, it is also very stable and nearly all of my many addons work so Pale Moon x64 is my preferred browser now.
And inside the ZIP we see..
06 April 2011 20:05, Obama Is a Muslim
No installer? For a browser in 2011?? LAME. You've lost 99% of potential users right there. reply:

The main download ships with an installer, but the portable version does not.

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