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Feedly 31.1.0

Need a new home for your RSS feeds? Check out this replacement for Google Reader

Operating Systems:
Android, iPad, iPhone
Software Cost:
Internet Tools
Date Updated:
22 November 2015
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Forget all the hassle of finding web content using social media, by far the simplest and most elegant solution when it comes to aggregating content from a wide variety of websites is RSS. And with Google exiting the market by canning its popular Google Reader service, third-party RSS services are rushing to fill the void.

Feedly is one such provider, and transferring your carefully nurtured and organised feeds from Google Reader to Feedly – for free, of course – is a simple case of signing up with your Google Account. Bam, job done. Part of the reason for this simplicity is that Feedly itself relied on Google Reader feeds, but is migrating to its own backend prior to the Google switch-off.

Feedly offers two ways of accessing, managing and adding RSS feeds across all your devices. Desktop and laptop users must install a tiny bookmarklet in a compatible web browser – Chrome, Firefox or Safari, but surprisingly not Internet Explorer – before it can be used.

The mobile app provides you with all of Feedly’s functionality in a convenient app. It’s specifically designed to fit neatly into the available screen space, so offers readable text and an appropriate design for both phones and tablets. You get all of the same display options you see with the website too, so you can browse your feeds as a simple list or using a magazine style approach of columns, headlines and graphics.

Tap a story to read its full summary, visit the web page (this is done within Feedly’s own internal browser) or share it via the usual suspects, from email and Twitter to Facebook and Buffer. There’s also an option for saving individual stories to read later at your leisure.

Navigation is simple – tap the menu button on the left to reveal everything you need to navigate your feed, manage your subscriptions in folders and even search for new feeds to add to your collection.

Whether you’re a veteran RSS subscriber or new to the world of browsing aggregated content, Feedly is a compelling choice and well worth checking out, on your desktop browser as well as your tablet or phone.

New in 31.1
- Support for feedly Login
- Open in favorite browser setting
- Fixed bug in Evernote integration

The mobile app is beautifully constructed and provides you with all of Feedly’s content and capabilities from within a convenient location.

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Need a new home for your RSS feeds? Check out this replacement for Google Reader

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