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GFIB 7 v1.0.1

Get fit from your home, office or vacation using this free app

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iPad, iPhone
Get Fit in Bath
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Hobbies & Home Entertainment
Date Updated:
22 January 2018
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People prefer to workout in different environments. There are those who prefer to push themselves in a competitive situation, with a group of individuals. With this in mind, attending a class or going to the gym with a workout partner will fulfil your goals.

On the flipside, there are plenty of individuals who would like to get fit but are put off by the thought of walking into the gym, feel too unfit to be competitive or do not feel the desire to get fit in front of other people. Either way, there are ways of improving your fitness, on your own, from just about any location, guided by professional trainers.

GFIB-7 is a free iOS app brought to you by the powerhouse duo, Natasha Lewis and David Bowler, from Get Fit in Bath, a private gym headquartered in the world heritage city. After years of experience gained from running small classes in a highly specialised environment, the team decided to put their knowledge into the app so you can improve your fitness from home, hotel or while you are on vacation.

The app is relatively simple. Using HIIT (high-intensity training methods), you hit seven exercises, with 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest. The exercises consist of Jumping Jacks, a Wall Sit, Push-Ups, Abdominal Crunches, Step Ups, Squat, Tricep Dips, a Plank, High Knees, alternate Lunges, Push-up & Rotation and a Side Plank. Each routine is designed to work different parts of your body and you choose the speed you perform your routine. Once you get fitter, your speed should increase, so measure your reps as a rough guide of your progress.

If you’re new to each exercise, the GFIB team are on hand to show you how it’s done as each routine includes a video to show you how to perfect your form (as an example, keeping a straight back when performing your squat is essential). You are guided through the routine, including rest stops and, if and when you make it through to the end, you are awarded a certificate which you can choose to share across social media.

Once you see your level of fitness reaching a satisfactory level, you can then consider your options.

What's new in 1.0.1?

- iPhone X support


Simple app offers 7 key exercises, offering you a full body workout from any location.

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