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TS DataWiper for Windows 2.0

Quickly and securely delete data so it cannot be recovered

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8
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Software Cost:
Date Updated:
20 October 2020
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Download Size:
14.80 MB

When you delete sensitive data, you want to make sure that it stays deleted. The standard method of file deletion does not actually destroy files, and this means that there is a chance – with the right tools – to recover them. While this can be useful sometimes as it gives you a safety net should you accidentally delete something, there will be times when you are absolutely certain that you want to wipe out files forever.

This is what TS DataWiper helps to you to do. You can use a variety of industry standard data removal techniques to erase unwanted data and overwrite it numerous times in order to render it unrecoverable. You can choose between a fast, single overwrite if time is of the essence, but you can increase this all the way up to the incredibly secure – and much slower – option of overwriting 35 times with the Gutmann algorithm.

You can delete files on an individual basis, or add entire folders to the deletion queue, and all will be processed at once. Taking things a step further, TS DataWiper includes a disk erase features which is great for when you are selling your computer and want to be sure that the new owner won't be able to access your files. It works in very much the same way as file deletion, but works across a drive or partition as a whole.

While most people will use the tool on their hard drive, it can be used to wipe data form just about any time of storage device, including external drives, memory cards, USB drives and so on.

As well as helping you to securely delete files, the program can also be used to wipe the free space that exists on your hard drive that could contain recoverable data. This is a great option if you have previously stored and deleted sensitive file using the normal deletion method, and it brings the peace of mind that your data will not fall into the wrong hands.

Other useful features include shortcuts for formatting, renaming and repairing drives. While these are tools available elsewhere in Windows, it is handy to have them include s here so you can take care of all of your hard drive needs in one place.

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